SKEPTIC DEV0 2 Machabees : Boring stuff

Worms swarmed out of the body of this man, and whilst he lived in sorrow and pain, his flesh fell off, and the filthiness of his smell was noisome. 9:9

Trivia: Who created the first and only library mentioned in the Bible?

2 Machabees : Boring stuff (7)

  1. A letter from the Jews in Jerusalem to the Jews in Egypt 1:1

  2. Another letter 1:10

  3. A letter from Lysias to the Jews 11:16

  4. A letter from King Antiochus to Lysias 11:22

  5. A letter from King Antiochus to the Jews 11:27

  6. A letter from the Romans to the Jews 11:34

  7. Violence on the sabbath day 15:1

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